Consultant company, S Net, Anet Club, J Net

From more than 130 consultant companies, S Net members (people in professional occupations such as tax counselors, licensed social insurance consultants, and judicial clerks) with more than 110 offices, Anet Club members (real estate brokers) with more than 80 companies, and J Net (judo therapists) with 28 institutions, we have much knowledge and experience related to corporate judicial affairs, and we accept consultations every day from email, phone, or coming to the office.

Determining the people responsible for each type of industry

At this firm, lawyers responsible for each of the industries below are determined from the consultant companies, and those lawyers aim to be experts in those industries.

⇒ Manufacturing, real estate, leasing, construction, civil engineering, renovation, apartment buildings, vehicle sales, rentals, shipping, caregiving, medical, restaurants, retail, industrial waste, advertising, hotels, public interests, and general incorperated foundations

Determining the people responsible for the laws that cause problems for a company

When handling corperate judicial affairs, it becomes necessary to be knowledgeable about laws other than those that may cause problems related to their personal field.

A lot of lawyers are inexperienced with these laws, but people responsible for each of the following laws are arranged, so we can give prompt answers.

⇒ Industrial property rights, residential estates, subcontrators, temporary staffing services, immigration, Internet slander, sexual harassment and power harassment, corperate laws, compliance, business inheritance, family trusts, and consumer laws.