(in Japanese syllabary order)

Ad Souken Co. Ltd. Headquarters, CEO Masafumi Saito

We’ve received prompt, appropriate answers.

Thank you for your quick and appropriate legal consultation.
In particular, with email consultation, we haven’t had to be concerned about time and place.
Another benefit is that the contents remain in sentences so they can be shared within the company.
We’ve also been benefiting from the personal consultations for employees.
We can use this as part of employee benefits.

Company Overview
Ad Souken Co. Ltd.
Location: 2F Ubukata Building, 2-136-4 Higashimachi, Omiya-ku, Saitama City Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.ad-souken.co.jp/index.html

Kawaguchi Automobile Co. Ltd. CEO: Ms. Katsuko Nakamura

Your guidance has been very courteous and reassuring to our company and ourselves.

Advisory contract with Green Leaf Law Offices

Five years have passed since our company signed an advisory contract with Green Leaf Law Firm.
Before we discovered Green Leaf Office, we had entered into advisory contracts with several law firms, but frankly these were disatisfying.
Naturally, advice is diverse in nature, and if responses are not agile and wisdom-filled, they would not be digestible; however, in the past, it took a long time to receive judgments or legal guidance from other law firms.

Most of these were sudden responses such as “it won’t be in time” if not moving in line with the other party’s trends, but when the lawyer in charge was in the courtroom and flying around regarding other matters, we couldn’t make urgent contact and would sometimes become troubled.

There was a stance towards safe driving based upon the laws of defensive driving, and a careful operating method.
We have thought that management also needs defence for the purpose of companies and operations.
We understand that it is important from a management perspective to make efforts to address problems that arise, as well as preparing for possible situations. However, we think the most important thing from a client perspective is whether or not an advisory law firm “clarifies their stance of fighting together” “provides you with relief at any time” and “takes the best measures for your company”.

From how Green Leaf Law Offices has handled things, there doesn’t seem to be anything that makes it feel like there’s a view from the top, such as “we’ll deign to give you some guidance”.
Of course, lawyers are not “perfect supermen”.
When a problem arises, Green Leaf Law Offices talked about everything we needed, without hestitating (even when it’s disadvantageous for them to talk about it), providing “all the information we have”, even if it’s something that might seem like it’s not relevant; they’ve provided advice and guidance which has been our salvation.
Guidance on most projects was very courteous, reassuring our company and us, and helping us to feel relaxed.

I am always amazed at the good teamwork at Green Leaf Law Offices.
Even when the lawyer in charge is out, other lawyers also give appropriate advice, and above all I feel that a dignified person like the director Mr. Shigeo Morita involves great intelligence that is sharp and proactive.

I hope that you will continue to give guidance as a reliable partner, sometimes as an energy source that inspires the company and us.
I sincerely pray for the further development of the Greenleaf Law Offices.

[Company Profile]
Kawaguchi Automobile Co., Ltd.
Location:  5-14-17 Nakaaoki. Kawaguchi Coty, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.kawaguchi-jikou.co.jp/

Kyodo Ryutsu Co. Ltd., CEO: Takahiro Kojima

The feeling of speed when we are able to consult on the day is very helpful.

The lawyer who was giving us advisory services previously shrank his office due to his age, so we signed an advisory contract two years ago with Green Leaf Law Offices.
The reason we made this choice was that Mr. Morita, the firm’s CEO, also appeared on the real estate industry DVD, solving and explaining difficult problems very easily.
Through the advisory contract, I have felt that despite being a law firm, the firm pays careful attention to customer service and understanding the customer’s point of view. In particular, the feeling of speed at being able to consult on the day, and getting to see case examples in writing are some of the ways that the firm helps, as they are able to deepen our understanding. Additionally, they listen well, so we have felt secure after consultations about future prospects and roads which have been opened.
We usually consult via office visits, phone, email or fax, but the other day the firm provided a lecture on legal affairs which our workers participated in, and it was very helpful in preventing accidents and depeening their understanding.
We think in the future we would like to also ask for legal lectures which will be useful for the clients of our company.
We look forward to your continued guidance through the advisory contract for a long time.

Company Overview
Kyodo Ryutsu Co. Ltd.
Location: 10-13 Suwa Town, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

Saitama Daihatsu Sales Co. Ltd., General Manager of Administration Division: Mr. Jun Furuya

A speedy response is necessary both to avoid trouble and to prevent the spread of damage.

Our company has opened 27 stores in Saitama Prefecture. Troubles and complaints, etc. at stores and workplaces
For legal counselling, the person in charge of the workplace will directly contact the legal counsel to receive consultation.
As a result, there’s been cases where specific contents could be directly communicated to the counsel, and we could receive his or her opinions and responses on the spot, for prompt handling and faster problem solving.
We believe that speedy responses are necessary to avoid troubles and prevent damage from spreading, so we feel very relieved at being able to consult immediately via phone, fax or email.

Company Overview
Saitama Daihatsu Sales, Co. Ltd.
Location: 〒336-0024 5-16-6 Negishi, Minami Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.saitama-daihatsu.co.jp/

Sun Hearts Corporation, CEO: Masatoshi Kato

Colllaborating with a good law firm is critical

We learned about Greenleaf Law Offices because we saw a book on general fixed-term leasehold rights written by Mr. Morita. Over 10 years ago, we asked for an advisory contract because he was very familiar with real estate.

Real estate contracts become more complex every year, and the explanations required regarding important matters are diverse. Collaborating with law firms is critical in order to make contracts for various properties with counterparties that are free of incompleteness and are reliable.
The important thing is to prevent troubles before they occur, so there is a need to be able to easily communicate via email or telephone in advance in regard to any complicated matters or doubts, and to be able to obtain concrete answers in a timely matter.

In that respect, Green Leaf Law Offices have offered us appropriate and quick responses to any consultation, and we receive easy-to-understand and polite explanations. In addition, employees receive advice directly from lawyers, so they have the right knowledge and ability to respond, which has greatly helped to improve individual skills.

Company Overview
Sun Hearts Corporation
Location:  DIRECTIONS 1-chōme-5-1 Higashiiwatsuki, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.sun-hearts.co.jp/index.php

Oga Construction Co., Ltd. CEO: Yosuke Suga

“Requested a teacher for management training, and employee management skills have levelled up”

Our company is a construction company (housing manufacturer) that has been in business for over 35 years, but for many years our management directly gave instructions to individual employees.
In order to achieve succession of the business from its founder and realise the potential of the organisation, a large-scale organizational reform was carried out last year with the goal of stepping away from direct top-down management. This was around the time that a pyramid system was started according to the rank of general employees: area manager (department manager) – chief (section manager) – store manager (chief clerk).

However, while the organization had changed, the new system would not function unless the awareness at an individual employee level changed. As such, in relation to employees at a level above branch manager (department manager) – chief (section manager), we planned and executed regular management training.

As the organizer of the training, I was concerned about training themes as well as decisions surrounding which trainers to select, and received advice from Mr. Morita of Green Leaf Law Offices that “You should conduct training related to compliance, mental health and risk management”; additionally, in regard to the trainers, we were told that it is acceptable to receive this from the standpoint of a legal expert, and so we decided to carry out the training.

The training was conducted for two hours at a time, at just under two times in total. The theme of the training was “Compliance for Managers”, and the first session was titled “dealing with mental health at work, and points to keep in mind (specific case studies that have become problems in terms of approaches and precedents)”, while the second session was on the subject of “”crisis management as pertaining to organizational management (approaches and case studies when dealing with complaints and problems surrounding housing manufacturing)”.

The training materials were not merely hard-to-understand textbooks as one would find in a bookstore, but rather were developed by Mr. Morita from scratch for our company’s original resume. We are very grateful. Even in the post-training survey, more than 95% of participants on both occassions stated that they understood the training .

In addition to everyday regular advisory I’ve received this sort of service from their company, and I am keenly aware that this sort of service would not be available elsewhere. This year, we are hoping to receive help with training for mid-career employees as well.

Company Overview
Oga Construction Co. Ltd.
Location: 3-1-33 Suwa, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.alnethome.com/

Daiwa Group Co. Ltd. Managing Director: Yoichi Nakazawa

Quick, courteous advice

Our group is a group company operating four car dealerships. We have been receiving prompt and courteous advice when issues arise with customers and when we need to confirm the contents of contracts.
We have been able to solve problems in a short period of time by receiving accurate advice from the lawyer in charge (who is rich in experience) particularly in regard to problems arising from debt collection and sales contracts.
We have been very pleased with the quick responses we have received when we have asked to check sales and lease contracts between companies.

Company Overview
Daiwa Group Co. Ltd.
Location: 3-11-2 Takiyama, Higashi-Kurume City, Tokyo Prefecture 203-0033

Natural Farm City Co. Ltd., CEO: Masataka Ota

I feel that they work very promptly; for example, drafting documents on the spot.
“Our Experience with Green Leaf Law Offices”

Our company has been operating a hotel business in Chichibu for four decades.
We have been receiving advisory services from Green Leaf Law Offices since September 2008.
At the time, I had some problems, so I practically jumped into the Omiya offices for some advice.
I remember that Mr. Morita himself was kind enough to deal with my enquiry himself, and I asked him for an advisory lawyer on the spot.
Since then, we’ve received accurate advisory services from the firm regarding various issues relating to the hotel industry.
I also feel that they work very promptly; for example, drafting documents on the spot.
Our company will be continuing to ask them for advice in our future endeavours.

Company Overview
Natural Farm City Co. Ltd.
Location: 5911-1 Omiya, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.farm-city.co.jp/

Nanakoshi Confectionery Co. Ltd., CEO: Yoichi Kataoka

They are very reassuring, and I feel at ease when I receive consultation from their firm.

Our company was founded in 1984 and manufactures and sells rice crackers.
At one point I decided that I wanted to ask for legal counsel in order to help the company to become a Foundation.
At that point, there was a project happening in relation to IP rights (logo marks), and I was looking for a lawyer who was local and seemed excited about this sort of case. I was impressed with the location (close to Omiya Station), but more than anything with Mr. Morita’s friendly service, so I immediately engaged the firm.
So far, I had been exchanging contract documents thinking “I guess it’ll be okay”, but now I’m able to get the documents checked properly and feel secure.
I’m pleased that the Green Leaf Law Offices have lawyers who are well-versed in their respective specialized fields, and am also thankful that they quickly reply to messages I send via social media that I don’t always actually remember that I wrote.
If I have any problems, I sometimes don’t end up feeling refreshed,
but being able to talk about even trivial things is really such a blessing in of itself.
The Green Leaf Law Offices are so welcoming and always make it easy to consult with them on legal matters. In the business scene, it’s possible to have issues at any time, and it’s important to be able to get advice from a lawyer even at that sort of time.

Company Overview
Nanakoshi Confectionery Co. Ltd.
2-3-9 Uemine, Chuo Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.nanakoshi.co.jp

Fine Co. Ltd., CEO: Koji Mizunoya

In Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, we have been engaged in matchmaking before the Japanese term “konkatsu” (“marriage hunting”) was born.
We are delighted that thanks to the support of our clients, we now have more than 20 stores nationwide, and are able to offer advice to clients who are worried about marriage, and to help them establish relationships.

The reason we asked Green Leaf Law Offices to serve as an advisory legal firm is because as our number of stores increased, we encountered an increase in issues which were difficult to solve internally.
Since then, in addition to receiving legal advice, we have asked the firm to check documents such as contracts for us, and to give training to our employees.
In particular, the compliance training has been very well received by employees, as it was explained in a very easy-to-understand manner together with the supporting materials prepared by Mr. Noda about the Specified Commercial Transaction Law, which is mandatory for matchmaking businesses.
At present, we are also receiving a company-external legal consultation service for our employees; thanks to this, we have realized that employees are becoming more aware of compliance.

I would be delighted to continue to receive guidance and encouragement from Mr. Noda for a long time.

Company Overview
Fine Co. Ltd.
Location: 4-6 Wakitahonchō, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
URL https://www.fine-konpo.com/

General Manager: Akihiko Fukuma

About Green Leaf Law Offices

This project is a management consultant office opened in 2017.

Our General Manager was previously a long-time executive of a listed company with a scale of several hundred billion yen, and he was also in charge of its legal matters. Most of the matters were civil (such as leases, sales, and intellectual property), but he also took direct control in complex cases. For example, there was a case where the plaintiff brought the case to the Supreme Court. This case related to fixed asset valuation, but as you know, the Supreme Court does not accept determination of facts in advance. It was a condition that the interpretation of the law in the lower court met the appeal reason (a flaw in interpretation in terms of meeting the Constitution and precedents); as a result, he was able to put a stone on the tax administration. It went to the Supreme Court several times with the lawyer-in-charge at the time, but In addition to the heavyness of the building, admission inspection and carry-in restrictions were in place, and the height of the threshold was really felt; however, an “open court” video was being broadcast in the waiting room, and I felt a sensation of unmatching, like “where is it!”

In addition, from the results of various incidents, it tends to be the case that when there is a dispute between a company and an individual, half will be lost by the company. I think that in a way, this is valid, because the damage isn’t as great to corporations as it is to individuals.

Another thing is that judges encourage reconciliation and are reluctant to write a judgment sentence. One of the reasons seems to be related to their career when the judgment is overturned in a higher court. I felt that judges too are people.

Over ten years ago, we needed to add a law firm due to an increase in the number of projects, and so we entered into an advisory contract with a leading Saitama Prefecture firm, Green Leaf Law Offices.

The firm was a powerful support for us. In particular, for our 50/50 partner, first we started with a field survey similar to that which police would carry out; in addition to investigating legal cases, the firm also demonstrated cross-sectional strength in terms of legal networks; as a result, there was almost no loss.

I asked for legal advisory in relation to this sort of issue. I think that for companies, advisory contracts are common, but I believe that in this day and age, even individuals need legal counsel. Certainly, the occurrence of a case is rare for individuals; if you think about it, you could say that disease is also rare. But without a family doctor, things can be left too late, and I think that similarly, there is a need for lawyers to also be “family” in that manner. Another benefit is information. The Green Leaf Law Office sends monthly information. Laws are changing year by year as the world changes, and this is a point which differs from doctors. In this era of globalization and unforeseen progress, I believe that the “sense of security” of being able to live with peace by having a “family lawyer” offers indispensible value for money.

Finally, I would like to state that it is very difficult to find a law firm like Green Leaf Law Offices in terms of their high level of technical capability (in a similar fashion to doctors), while also being able to provide detailed responses.

Morita Iron Works Co. Ltd., General Manager: Mikio Ochiai

We signed an advisory contract with law firm Green Leaf Law Offices

The reason why we decided to enter into an advisory contract was that we had not been able to receive sufficient response from the party with which we already had an advisory contract.
I was not able to get satisfactory answers in regard to labor law, especially union-related issues.
I understand that from our perspective, there won’t be an answer that’s simply “good”, but
we wanted a) speedy service and b) convincing responses.

Currently, with Green Leaf Law Offices we are able to receive speedy responses in regard to matters relating to (1) Civil Law, (2) Corporate Law, and (3) Labor Law, and so business is running smoothly.
When you ask a question by fax or e-mail, they usually answer by the next day.
Additionally, I have been happy with the personal consultations received by our employees, and the training sessions held by our company with trainers from the firm.
I feel that the advisory fee is also reasonable.

Company Overview
Morita Iron Works Co. Ltd.
Location: 2100-33 Kamiyoshiba, Satte City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://morita-tekkousyo.co.jp/

Yamafuku Real Estate Co. Ltd., Managing Director: Takayuki Toriyama

An environment where you can feel safe to trust while receiving consultation is important

Our company has been in the real estate business for 56 years, mainly in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture.
I think it was about 10 years ago that we signed an advisory contract with Green Leaf Law Offices.
At the time, as a company, I felt that it was important to have an environment where our employees could quickly and courteously receive the information they needed and receive advice in a reassuring manner when problems arose with customers. We had seen the work of Green Leaf Law Offices on several previous occassions, and found their lawyers to be friendly and easy to talk to, so we decided to enter into an advisory contract with the firm.
Currently, if there is something that we don’t understand (even something trivial), or we are sending a memo or notice to customers and need it checked, we can proceed with an immediate phone or e-mail conversation to get advice, and our employees are able to respond to customers while consulting with legal experts, so we can work with confidence.
Also, in terms of quickness, even when the lawyer in charge isn’t present, there are many other lawyers, so it’s very helpful that an alternative lawyer can respond even when there is an emergency.
In the future, due to consumer protection laws and so on, interactions with customers will become very complex and difficult.
From our company’s perspective, we feel an advisory contract with Green Leaf Law Firm is a necessity.
We sincerely pray for your further development and success.

Company Overview
Yamafuku Real Estate Co. Ltd.
1-1-11 Honchō, Toda City, Saitama
URL http://www.kk-yamafuku.com/

Yunokai Medical Corporation Yuai Internal Medicine/Neurological Clinic Director: Mitsuo Kim

I am grateful to have a warm home doctor for law.

We opened our clinic in 2007, celebrating its 10th anniversary last year.
After we became incorporated in 2012, we were introduced to Green Leaf Law Offices, and entered into an advisory contract.
I remember that I had never received consultation in regard to lawsuits and so on for our medical work. However, if you are a law firm that embodies “Sincerity,” “Timely,” and “Speedy” through activities such as holding lectures at the clinic on the legal aspects of medicine, and introducing human resources in regard to launching a new business, then you are a professional group that can take pride in yourself, and your customers can be proud of you.
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Morita and his lawyers for being able to also handle individual legal consultations in a friendly manner, and being a “warm home doctor for law”.
Please continue to give us guidance in the future. I sincerely pray for the further development of your office.

Clinic Overview
Yunokai Medical Corporation Yuai Internal Medicine/Neurological Clinic
Location: 1685-1 Taii, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
URL http://www.youai-clinic.com/