To those looking for a lawyer in Saitama

Green Leaf Law Office belongs to the Saitama Bar Association, and has been focusing it’s legal practices in Saitama for over 25 years. 90% of our consultees and clients are from Saitama as well.
Divorce, Traffic accidents (Victim), Inheritance, Labor (unfair dismissal, overtime pay) , Work accidents , Criminal defense First time (assaulter)’s consultation is free for the first 30 minutes ( For cases of debt settlement , free after the second time), consultations are also held on Saturdays, Sundays, and nights.

If desired, we will make a written estimate before taking your request, and at the time of delegation we will prepare a delegation contract and clarify the legal fees.

If you are having trouble with legal issues, or searching for a lawyer, please contact the Green Leaf Law Office.

High level expertise chosen by our customers

Green Leaf Law Office’s is characterized by its high level of expertise.

Private customers

1. A team of focused lawyers
2. Team of legal staff
Details ” Our lawyers’ high level expertise is for our private customers ” Please have a look.

Corporate customers

1. Consulting company ・ S Net ・Anette Club ・ J Net
2. Select leaders for each industry
3. Select leaders for each law that will matter for the company
Details ” Lawyers’ high expertise for corporate customers” Please have a look.

This law office’s distinguishing features

1. Over 3200 consultation cases in a year

We take approximately 1400 consultation cases a year from customers who look at our homepage and come in, and then another approximately 1800 cases a year from consulting companies, certified tax accountants and other profressionals, and real estate agencies.

2. First-time consultations for divorce, traffic accidents, inheritance, labor, work accidents, and legal defense are free for the first 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, its \2000 (tax included) per 15 minutes. For any fields not listed above, excluding debt settlement, it is considered paid consultation.

3. For debt settlement consultations, the second time onwards is free, too

Consultations for bankruptcy, individual rehabilitation, voluntary liquidation, and overpayment requests are also free the second time onwards.

4. Saturday ・Sunday ・ night time consultations available

We hold consultations on Saturday ・Sunday ・ nights for those who cannot come during the day on weekdays.

5. Over 25 years abundant with accomplishments in Saitama prefecture

Since its opening over 25 years ago, Green Leaf Law Office has been consulting and accepting requests from everyone in Saitama prefecture.

6. We present clear legal fees and estimates

Before taking your request we provide an estimate and clarify legal fees.

7. Polite, easy-to-understand service

Our motto is polite, easy-to-understand service for our consultees and clients.

List of cases we handle (Private ・Corporate)


Traffic accidents
Labor issues (employee side)
Retirement payment
Work accidents
Divorce ・Infidelity consolation fees
Inheritance trouble
Private debt settlement
Private self-declared bankruptcy
Adult guardianship system
School trouble
Criminal defense


Corporate law
Contract check
Legal consulting
Real estate trouble
Rent arrears ・Evictions
Claim collections
Labor issues (company side)
Intellectual property rights ・ Unfair competition prevention law
Fire insurance claims
Company organization

※ At Green Leaf Law Office Legal Professional Corporation (Saitama prefecture, Saitama city, Omiya ward), we also conduct the following legal consultations.
For troubled individuals seeking a lawyer in Saitama, please inquire at Green Leaf Law Office, which has been mainly acting in Saitama for over 25 years.
For first time consultations on divorce, traffic accidents, inheritance, work accidents, criminal defense, the first 30 minutes are free. (For debt settlement, it’s also free for your second time onwards). Conducting consultations on Saturdays ・ Sundays ・ and nights.
Phone number: 0120-25-4631

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Saitama, please visit us at Green Leaf Law Office

Green Leaf Law Office Legal Professional Corporation is part of the Saitama Bar Association, and has mainly conducted its activities in Saitama for over 25 years. Our Legal Professional Corporation is made up of 13 lawyers, 10 legal staff members, and 9 office staff members who make teams for each case, fulfill each of their roles, and cooperate with each other while doing their job.

We also have frank exchanges of opinions at our twice a month lawyer meetings, and once a month office meetings.

We also make efforts to improve the abilities of all our legal staff, not just the lawyers. Those who did not graduate law school attend Chuo University (Law). We also have many employees who are members of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and many who have passed the Office Worker Ability Test.

Our lawyers, legal staff, and office staff all view those who come to us with their requests as important customers, and treat them politely and in an easy-to-understand manner.

For those looking for a lawyer in Saitama, please come visit us at Green Leaf Law Office.


Description of publications

At this time, our office representatives, starting with Mr. Morita, along with Mr. Emoto, Mr. Tanaka, and Mr. Muramoto, have jointly written and published “Utilizing adoption in inheritance” (Nihon Horei).
It includes information from foundational items like the legal framework of adoption, to what the actual practice of adoption is like. It also has practical contents like the adoption process, and points about adoption. A wide range of materials are listed at the end of the book, ranging from court case examples essential to understanding the adoption process, to document format examples (description examples) used during adoption.
This wide range of easy to read contents is of course for lawyers, certified accounts, and other specialists, but also for company executives worried about future succession of property, real estate agency owners, other corporate clients, and general clients.
It’s available on internet stores like Amazon, as well as common book stores. For those who are interested, please purchase it and have a look for yourself.